How to choose a safety vest

How to choose a safety vest

What safety vest you choose will come down to your working conditions and the requirements of the job. Are you on site only during daylight hours, or do you have early starts or late finishes? The answer to this question will determine which high visibility vest is right for you.

Day Safety Vests

Class D vests use fluorescent material to capture and reflect ultraviolet rays during the day, helping the wearer to stand out from the background and be seen more easily by others. Class D vests are unable to be worn during dawn/dusk/night-time hours.

Endurite manufacture premium untaped yellow hi-vis vests and orange hi-vis vests suitable for wear during the day.

Features include:

- Genuine Velcro front closure

- Complies with Australian Standards Class D

- Hi-vis yellow available in sizes Small - 3X-Large

- Hi-vis orange available in sizes Medium – 4X-Large

Day/Night Safety Vests

Class D/N vests use a combination of fluorescent and retroreflective material to allow them to be seen at night. Due to the reflective nature of the material used these vests can be worn any time of day.

Endurite manufacture premium H-back taped hi-vis safety vests that are suitable to be worn during all hours.

Features include:

- Genuine Velcro front closure

- 3M Scotchlite hi-vis reflective tape

- Tape style: H-pattern

- Complies with Australian Standards Class D/N

- Available in hi-vis yellow and hi-vis orange

- Available in sizes Small – 4X-Large

If you're not sure which type of vest is best suited to your job site, get in touch to discuss your requirements.